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Terms and Conditions (AGB) for Lounge Studio


a) The following general rental and business terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "AGB") apply to the rental of the studio and the items, technical equipment, and facilities contained therein.


b) By taking over the studio or accepting the offer, the customer agrees to these AGB.


c) Contractual agreements between the parties that modify or cancel the provisions of the AGB require written confirmation from the landlord to be effective.


d) The tenant confirms their legal age and agrees to present a valid identification document at the beginning of the rental period. The landlord is authorized to keep or electronically store the tenant's personal data for the clarification of possible subsequent claims. This can be done by making a copy of the identification document.



a) The studio rental is based on the current price list.


b) The studio rental includes heating, electricity, and water costs (excluding high-voltage power).


c) The calculated rental period begins at the agreed time of handover by the tenant, even if the tenant takes over the studio at a later time. Any usage beyond the agreed time will be charged with an overtime surcharge per hour or part thereof. There is no entitlement to further usage in case of exceeding the agreed time.


d) A booking can be canceled free of charge up to 7 days before the start. Otherwise, 25% of the rental price will be charged. In case of cancellation or non-attendance within 3 days before the appointment, 50% of the rental price will be charged as cancellation fees. Rescheduling within 24 hours is not possible, and 100% of the rental price will be charged.


e) The landlord retains the right of access to the rented premises throughout the rental period and can enter the studio at any time. Due consideration will be given to ongoing shoots.


f) The use of additional services such as image editing or assistance can be agreed upon but will be invoiced separately and is not included in the room rental.


g) Photographing/filming outside the rented premises (staircase, emergency exit, industrial estate courtyard, etc.) is only permitted with prior agreement (partly with the owner of the mentioned premises).


h) There is a strict no-smoking policy in our premises. Smoking is also prohibited at the windows. In case of violation of the smoking ban, a fee of €70 (plus VAT) will be charged. Smoking is allowed on the street in front of the building.


Payment Terms


a) The rental fees are to be settled by bank transfer before the rental period begins. b) Additional costs, rent, and additional services will be invoiced at the end of the rental period. c) Special rates will be agreed upon for groups with more than 15 present persons, especially for workshops. d) Special arrangements are possible but require prior consultation and written confirmation.



a) The tenant is obliged to treat the studio and all rented items carefully and use them for their intended purpose. The tenant is responsible for compliance with accident prevention regulations and all official orders and regulations. The tenant ensures that the contractual obligations are also observed by all third parties acting on their behalf and their visitors.


b) The use of materials and tools that could cause damage, odor nuisance, or contamination to the studio and its inventory or pose a risk to people (e.g., open fire, color bombs, fog machines, incense sticks) is prohibited. In exceptional cases, written permission from the landlord must be obtained.


c) Animals are only allowed with prior agreement.


d) Modifications or repairs to the rental equipment are not permitted, especially to live electrical parts. Without special agreement, the studio's inventory must not be used outside the premises.


e) Without our prior written consent, the tenant is not entitled to transfer rights or obligations from this contract, in whole or in part, to third parties. If we agree, the tenant and the third party will be jointly and severally liable.


f) Workshops/courses/events require the explicit prior approval of the landlord.


g) The landlord is entitled to withdraw from the rental agreement without observing a notice period and excluding any obligation to pay damages if the tenant acts with gross negligence, endangers operational safety, or violates agreements.


h) Excessive soiling of the paper background will be charged at €8.00 per linear meter.


i) In the event that the studio cannot be used as planned, either entirely or partially, due to force majeure (e.g., power outage, water damage), the landlord will waive the entire rental fee. However, the landlord assumes no liability for damages such as model fees, travel expenses, or damages resulting from delayed delivery of planned results.

Condition of the Premises

a) The premises are rented in a swept-clean condition. The tenant is obliged to check the condition for cleanliness and completeness at the beginning of the rental period.


b) At the end of the rental period, the studio and premises must be handed over in the same condition (all furniture returned to its original position). The time required for this must be taken into account within the rental period.


c) End cleaning of the studio and sanitary facilities after the end of the production is generally provided and included in the rental price. In case of severe soiling and if not all furniture is returned to its original position, an additional lump sum of €70 (plus VAT) will be charged.

Reservation of Ownership

a) All rented equipment and items remain the unrestricted property of the landlord.


b) Sale, rental, transfer to third parties, or removal of rented items from the rental premises is only permitted with prior written consent.




a) The tenant and third parties enter the studio and the premises at their own risk.


b) The landlord assumes no liability for equipment and items brought into the premises by the tenant or third parties.


c) The tenant is liable to the landlord for any damages caused to the premises and the entire inventory during the rental period. This includes consequential damages such as loss of rent. The tenant is also liable for damages caused by visitors and models of the tenant. The tenant indemnifies the landlord from any third-party claims for such damages.


d) The landlord is only liable for damages to the tenant in case of intent or gross negligence. The landlord is not liable for damages due to force majeure.



Jurisdiction and Governing Law

a) All rental contractual relationships are subject exclusively to German law.


b) Supplementary agreements to this contract require written form to be effective.


c) The possible invalidity or ineffectiveness of one or more provisions of this contract does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The parties undertake to replace the invalid provision with a provision that comes closest to the intended economic and legal purpose.


d) Place of performance and jurisdiction is Berlin.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards


  • Offline Payments

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