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  • Can I reschedule my booking?
    Please contact us if you want to reschedule your booking. Please note that it's only possible to reschedule your booking for free 7 days in advance. If you need to reschedule within 7 days prior to your booking we need to charge 25% of your booking. If you reschedule less than 72h in advance we need to charge 50% of your fee. If you want to reschedule within 24 hours unfortunately we have to charge 100% and request you to place a new booking.
  • Prepayment/Invoice
    We work with prepayment only. When you book a studio you pay upfront and will receive an invoice afterwards.
  • Can I book the studio for a workshop or small event?
    Our daylight studio is available for a wide range of activities: from photoshoots and video productions to workshops, courses, and small events. The list of possible uses is extensive and varied. Please note that animals are only allowed with prior arrangement.
  • Collaborations
    If you want to discuss a barter deal feel free to contact us regarding your concept and idea. Please note, that we rarely agree to barter deals in general.
  • Can I order goods into the studio?
    You can contact us regarding your wishes so we can discuss this. Due to lack of storage space we can not keep large furniture for you in the studio, but we can try to find a solution for you.
  • Can I enter the studio early?
    Unfortunately due to other bookings we have to keep our schedule and can let you in 5 mins before your booking earliest. Please make sure packing up also fits into your booked time slot. If you need more time and we don't expect a booking right afterwards, we can offer you a 60 min time slot for packing for additional charge. Please contact us early if you need extra time.
  • Can you reserve a time or put an option on a day until we decide for it?
    Unfortunately we can't reserve a day or time for you, because we might loose another booking for that slot if you don't decide for it in the end. You can easily book the preferred day though and reschedule until 7 days before without any extra fees.
  • Sunlight
    In the Lounge Studio, during the summer, sunlight streams into the space between 8 am and approximately 8 pm. In the winter, you can expect sunlight from around 9 am until about 5 pm. Please note that these timings are subject to change depending on the season and weather conditions, which are beyond our control. However, thanks to the complete window front facing the south side, the studio receives ample natural daylight even without direct sunlight.
  • Parking
    In front of our studio you will find street parking that needs to be paid for. If there are no spots available you can find a public parking lot at "REWE" in 100 meters distance.
  • Coffee & Tea
    Coffee & Tea are included in the studio fee. We also provide oat milk and sugar.
  • Equipment and Lighting
    We are a daylight studio with large window fronts. Of course we can not control the weather, but usually we have great light in the studio. Currently we can only provide background paper in multiple colors, a background system and basic photo-equipment upon request. We request photographers to bring their own equipment to make sure the shooting goes as planned.
  • Load/Unload
    For quick unloading you can place the car in front of the building and have just a few steps into the studio. It's a store front on ground floor, so there are no steps that you have to take. Please just take of you're shoes as soon as you enter the studio.
  • Cold Drinks
    We charge 3€ per cold drink that has been used out of the fridge.
  • Shoes off Policy
    We recommend shooting without shoes and provide slippers for the whole crew as our floor is very sensitive to stains. Please be careful with the floor in general. Of course the Models can wear shoes for the shooting.
  • No Smoke or Fire
    Due to safety instructions in our building we can not allow any form of fire in the studio. This also includes candles, firework etc.
  • Can I move furniture?
    It is allowed to carefully move furniture and accessories within the studio. Please put everything back to it's original place before leaving the studio.
  • What if I damage something?
    Don't worry, accidents can happen. Please let us know what happened so we can contact your insurance company. Our terms and conditions require you to have a third party insurance when place a booking.
  • Can I hang pictures on the walls?
    You can not put nails or screws in the walls. You can use sticky nails as an alternative. Please note that the walls can not be damaged.
  • Do I have to tidy up the Studio?
    Please leave the studio tidy and in time for the booked rental end. If we find the studio very untidy we charge a cleaning fee of 60€ + VAT. Please return all furniture and accessoires to their original place, otherwise we charge a fee of 50€ + VAT. Due to follow-up bookings, it is unfortunately not possible to exceed the end of the rental period. If you need more time, you can book another time slot of 30mins for an extra charge of 60€ + VAT if possible. Please contact us about that beforehand.
  • Overtime
    If the Lounge Studio is not booked after your scheduled time, you can extend your rental for an extra fee. It will cost 75,00€ (Editorial/Private) or 90,00€ (Commercial) plus taxes, per hour or part of an hour. To extend, you need to make an online booking and pay at least 1 hour before your original end time using a credit card or PayPal. Make sure to plan enough time for your work and setup/tear-down when you make your initial reservation to avoid any rush.
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